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Upper East Side Pied-á-Terre

Living Room with a Pop

Color brings life to any room. We brought in a rich, saturated rug to brighten the space. Mixing this color statement with a tailored, grey sofa and see-through tables creates balance. The oversized pillow and art are a play on scale and give a sense of grandeur.

Master Elegance

Our client asked for an inviting, yet classic master bedroom. Our focal point was a towering, regal blue velvet headboard, sure to encourage lingering over a book in bed. Adding lighter neutral elements in varying textures keeps the room serene, while adding visual interest.

Work Space

In smaller homes, space planning makes all the difference. Our client needed a desk area, so we designated a long, unused wall as the new workspace. Choosing a desk that's light and airy keeps the space feeling open. And, to create an inspiring view, add art.

Balanced Design

This bathroom needed some finishing touches to warm up the hard finishes. An artful, modern curtain in cotton provides softness, and the accessories in matte black ground the space.



Kensington Co-op

11A Cropped.jpg

A Place for Living

This couple wanted a warm, inviting vibe for entertaining friends and hanging with their four-legged companion. We covered the furnishings in elegant, durable fabrics to keep cleaning day easy. Swivel chairs create a flexible conversation space, and grounding the space with a vegetable-dyed wool rug in vibrant orange makes the space rich yet playful.


A Great Room

Multi-tasking rooms are a necessity in the city. To create harmony, we married the color schemes of the Living and Dining Spaces and used modern lines to keep the Dining area minimal. Art helps to define it as its own space.


Work and Play

This office is a work horse: a writer's room, client meeting space and guest room all in one. Careful space planning and custom furnishings make this room all that it can be.


Collective Reasoning

Our client had collected many books over the years and wanted space for even more. We custom-designed this corner bookcase in white oak to accommodate her growing collection and provide some cozy, ambient light.


Sustainable Serenity

The requirement for the Master? A serene, soothing space for recharging after a busy day. We chose a custom, padded headboard, comfortable for reading before bed. Vintage bedside tables and dresser provide character and help do our part to give furniture a second life. Linen and velvet bedding top it all off with a relaxing vibe.


Bedside Manner

With all the muted greys and soft textures, we created balance using this brass task lamp with custom blue shade. Functional with a nice pop of color and shine.


Kitchen Confidential

This kitchen was spare and white, but needed some soul. With the addition of warm tobacco leather barstools and fun accents like the oversized red clock, this space now encourages connection over coffee.



Gia Sharp has always been passionate about all things design.  Upon earning a BFA in Fashion Merchandising from VCU, Gia spent the next 20+ years gaining valuable experience within the Fashion and Interior Design industries.  She has worked for notable brands, such as Calvin Klein, Uhuru Design, and Tamara Eaton Design.  Throughout her career, Gia wisely recognized the importance of learning the business of design.  With extensive experience in project management in Fashion, Accessories and Interiors, Gia has developed an instinctual ability to anticipate and plan for the surprises inevitable in the design process. 

“Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.”

-Charles Eames

Gia’s creativity, keen eye for color and detail became apparent early.  As a child, her passion for design was born while trying to find living quarters for her 8 (!) Barbies. Her solution: a 4-story apartment building built from scratch, with custom apartments for each doll. Now, her innate sense of space, utility, and aesthetics makes each project she designs truly work for each client.  

To furnish her college apartment on a budget, Gia began collecting vintage pieces that required TLC and vision. Believing that good design can be sustainable, she usually incorporates curated, vintage pieces into her eclectic designs to give them a second life.

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” -David Hicks

Gia Sharp Design, launched in fall 2018, is the culmination of years of passion, hard work, and talent. Gia has many roles in her life, as a woman, POC, mother, wife, sister, creative, human rights advocate, art lover, foodie, and someone who loves to laugh and see joy and beauty in everyday life.  Understanding that her clients are just as multi-faceted, she designs spaces that reflect all that they are and aspire to be.



We believe that everyone deserves good design, so our services can be tailored to a variety of budgets and needs. From design consultations to get your DIY spirit on the right path, to full-service design and installation, living in a beautiful space is attainable. 

While our focus is residential interiors, we also aim to work with non-profits to design elevated, inspiring spaces for disadvantaged populations.

The mission of Gia Sharp Design: Design for Good. Design for All.

Here is a sample of some our more popular services:

Full Service Design

Long-term management of the design of your home from Initial Design to Install, including coordination with architects and contractors

One-Day Home Consult

Home visit to consult on space planning current furnishings, art placement, selecting new paint colors throughout, or maybe something else on your design wish list


One-Day Shopping Trip

Curated shopping trip to purchase furnishings or finishes/ fixtures for one room



“Gia Sharp is as her name says. She has a great eye when it comes to interior design. She was able to take pieces from other rooms in my home and place them where they just lived better. She was also SO patient and helped me choose colors for my entire 4 BR house 2 story home-- not an easy feat. She meticulously went through my artwork and created a gallery that displayed family photos. She hung the remaining artwork with precision and thoughtfulness. Gia is an asset to her profession. She listens and understands your vision but makes it much better than you can ever imagine.”  --Cori E.

"Quite simply, it's a pleasure to work with Gia. Not only does she have a deep understanding of all elements of design, but she's able to overlay her superb taste and experience into a style that's all YOURS. She knows what works and what doesn't aesthetically, but never forgets that your space must be livable, fun and, above all, it must fit you and your lifestyle. "  --Lauren R.

"Working with Gia was a pleasure in so many ways. She truly listened to us as we identified our needs and preferences, aligning her suggestions with our requests. Full of ideas and a creative problem solver, Gia is extremely knowledgeable about materials and sources—both in terms of design and aesthetics and practical/technical issues. She's super organized, which helped us and also streamlined work with our contractor. She’s also a warm, communicative, and engaging person, so it was always fun to work together. Gia is a consummate professional, and we are thrilled with our lovely, comfortable, functional, easy-to-maintain home."  --Terésa S.




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